Massimiliano R. Barchi Università di Perugia


Affiliation: Perugia University

Massimiliano Rinaldo Barchi, PhD (1990), Full professor of Structural Geology (since 2005) at the Physics and Geology Department of the Perugia University.

Responsibilities at the University of Perugia:
2016-2019: Director of the Physics and Geology Dept. (Vice-Director 2014-2016) and member of the University Senate.
2005-2013: Head of the Committee for the Earth Sciences courses.
Memberships in several Scientific Commissions of National relevance.
2018-2020: “Commissione per l’Abilitazione Scientifica Nazionale per il Settore Concorsuale 04/A2”.
2016-2022: “Commissione Idrocarburi e Ricerche Minerarie (CIRM) del Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico”.
2017-2018: “Comitato Tecnico-Scientifico della Struttura del Commissario straordinario del Governo per la ricostruzione nei territori interessati dall’evento sismico del 24 agosto 2016”.
2012-2015: “Comitato di Programma per le Ricerche Sismologiche, nell’ambito dell’Accordo Quadro DPC-INGV 2012-2021”.

Main Research Interests:
– Seismotectonics and Earthquake Geology (Northern Apennines; Southern Apennines; North-Anatolian Fault). Head of the Perugia R.U. of CRUST (Centro inteRUniversitario per l’analisi SismoTettonica tridimensionale con applicazioni territoriali).
– Structural and kinematic analysis of fold-and-thrust belts in collisional environment (Northern Apennines, Western Sicily, Northumberland Basin); gravity driven thrust belts formed in passive continental margins (East Africa; NW Borneo).
– Subsurface geology reconstruction aimed to hydrocarbon and geothermal exploration and for the CO2 storage.

Responsibilities of Scientific Projects:
ICDP (International Continental Scientific Drilling Project): “MOLE” (2008) e “STAR” (2018);
Italian Government – Ministry of Public Education (MIUR 2001, PRIN 2008, 2017);
Seismological Projects for the Civil Protection Department (2004-2006 e 2007-2009);
CROP Project (Deep Crust exploration), sub-project CROP03 (2000-2002).
Various projects of Geological mapping, of National and/or regional interest.

Scientific Papers
Author of more than 100 papers (H-index = 25, Scopus), published in the most relevant international journals on strcutural geology and tectonics. Co-Editor of 3 Volumes on the geology of the Northern Apennines. Continuous and relevant activity as reviewer for many international journals.
Teaching and Tutoring
Teacher of the course of Geology 2 (basic structural geology and tectonics) for the First level Degree in Geology; and the Global Tectonics course for the MSc in Petroleum Geology.
Tutor of more than 100 Laurea Thesis (Master and Bachelor) and about 15 PhD projects, including a group of young Geologists and Geophysicists, among which Cristiano Collettini (Università Sapienza di Roma), Maria Beatrice Magnani (Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX, U.S.), Nicola de Paola (Durham University, U.K.), Francesco Mirabella (Università di Perugia), Telemaco Tesei (Università di Padova), Samer Bagh, Lauro Chiaraluce e Stefano Pucci (INGV).

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