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First Training REDI – Reducing risks of natural disasters

  26-30 September, 2022   Registration for the Training must be completed by 26 September, by following the payment instructions …Read More

Profile PhotorediUserMay 17, 2022

Project of Particular Relevance Italy-USA “RE-LAND” – Workshop #3

On Wednesday 30 December 2020, the research team of the joint project Italy-USA “RE-LAND, REsilient LANDscapes” concluded the activities of …Read More

Profile PhotorediUserJanuary 6, 2021

Extraordinary Program for the Reconstruction of Camerino

At the end of 2020, the Municipality of Camerino approved the Extraordinary Reconstruction Program, which can be consulted in full …Read More

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Project of Great Relevance Italy-USA: RE-LAND, REsilient LANDscapes PI: Massimo Sargolini (Unicam) Venue: Ascoli Piceno, School of Architecture and Design …Read More

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About REDI

REDI is a research consortium that includes INGV, INFN, GSSI and UNICAM. Its mission is to contribute to interdisciplinary research-actions, through innovation and training, to boost community disaster preparedness, response and recovery speed.