Emanuele Tondi UNICAM - INGV Camerino

E-mail: emanuele.tondi@unicam.it

Affiliation: UNICAM - INGV Camerino

TONDI Emanuele is currently Full Professor at the School of Science and Technologies of the University of Camerino and his research activity is mainly focused on the study of brittle deformation, with implications for the solution of regional and seismotectonic problems, Seismic Hazard evaluation in central and southern Italy as well as the recovery of geofluids.

E. Tondi has been Member (from 2000 to 2006) of the Management Committee of the COST 625 action, European Scientific Project: “3D Monitoring of active tectonic structures”, National Scientific Coordinator of the PRIN2005 project “Enucleation, growth and structural organization of different types of crustal scale shear zones”, National Scientific Coordinator of the PRIN2009 project” Deformation in carbonate rocks: implications for the characterization and modeling of natural geofluid reservoirs “. In the frame of his research topics, E. Tondi was principal investigator of numerous research agreements and research contracts between Unicam and public and private entities: INGV, Enel Green Power, Shell, Total, Statoil, Gas de France, Engie, and Neptune Energy. E. Tondi was a visiting researcher at Stanford University CA, USA, in 2005 and 2014 and at the Institut de Physique du Globe, University of Strasbourg, France in 2015. The scientific article published in the Journal of Structural Geology, Volume 28, Issue 3 (2006) was one of the “Top-50 most cited articles in the world” in the period January 2006 – February 2011. Award received during the EGU General Assembly in Vienna.

On his research topic, E. Tondi was guest editor of several special volumes in scientific journals with international diffusion, including Journal of Geodinamics, Tectonoiphysics and Journal of Structural Geology. The results of E. Tondi’s research, published in more than 80 articles, in international scientific journals, received about 3800 citations with an Hindex equal to 37 in November 2021: https://scholar.google.com/citations?hl=it&user = sA-hangAAAAJ. In January 2021 he was among the 14 most cited researchers of Unicam in the ranking edited by Stanford University.

E. Tondi was head of the Geology Section of the School of Sciences of the University of Camerino and founder, member and scientific director of the academic spinoff of the University of Camerino “Geological Modeling for Risks and Resouces Evaluation – GEOMORE; website: www. geomore.it.

Currently E. Tondi is co-Director of the “Reservoir Characterization Project” funded by the Energy Companies (www.rechproject.com) and Principal investigator of the FAR NoHard project “Novel approach for time-dependent seismic hazard analysis and earthquake damage scenarios “. He is Head, with rector’s delegation (Board of Directors of 27 February 2019), of the INGV DIVISION in Unicam and has the Rectoral Delegation for “Cooperation and mobility programs with non-European countries”. E. Tondi has the position of Expert of the Post-2016 Earthquake Reconstruction Commissioner.

About REDI

REDI is a research consortium that includes INGV, INFN, GSSI and UNICAM. Its mission is to contribute to interdisciplinary research-actions, through innovation and training, to boost community disaster preparedness, response and recovery speed.