Fulvio Esposito Chief technical advisor, Ministry of Education, University and Research.

E-mail: fulvio.esposito@unicam.it

Affiliation: Università di Camerino e Miur

Chief technical advisor, Ministry of Education, University and Research.

Since 2014, Professor Emeritus of Parasitology.
Since 1987 Full Professor of Zoology, then Parasitology.
1985: Specialization in Microbiology, University of Pisa.
1977: Specialization in Biology, Scuola Normale Superiore Pisa.
1974: Degree in Biological Sciences, University of Pisa.

Author of 150 scientific publications, speaker in 160 national and international congresses, moderator or chair in over 250 events.
He has managed the relationships with colleagues, collaborators and students trying always to share ex ante with them the objectives, as well as the strategies for achieving them, but putting the quality of the objectives before any compromise. Transparency and care have characterized his work in the organization and management of the structures and institutions he has guided and managed. As Vice-rector of the University of Camerino, he has promoted, together with his collaborators, a new way of communicating the mission of universities to the various stakeholders, in a differentiated way, always paying particular attention to the “third mission”.

As Rector of the University of Camerino, he achieved results far superior to the national averages in terms of internationalization: in teaching quality (an entire degree course, 5 master’s degree courses and all the PhD teaching activities held in English), in foreign students (8%) and in foreign doctoral students (30%). He used innovative methods and criteria for the distribution of resources to structures and researchers, and introduced a strategy for human resources for research inspired by merit and equal opportunities.
Coinciding with the decision of the EU Council to entrust the Presidency of the Steering Group on Human Resources and Mobility to the Representative of a Member State, the unanimity of the forum (27 Member States and 14 Associated Countries) entrusted him with two mandates for the Presidency itself, in recognition of its commitment, disinterest and capacity.

Within the GPC, he has succeeded, thanks to the respect and prestige gained from the side of the Representatives of the Member States and Associated Countries, in obtaining the inclusion of the “Defense, management and enhancement of cultural heritage” among the Major Societal Challenges, object of the joint programming of European research. In March 2014, he was unanimously appointed Chair of the GPC.

As a malaria expert and organizer of research activities, in the laboratory and in the field, he contributed to the creation of a ‘center of excellence’ in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso), which has become a reference for the whole of the Sub-Saharan Africa, as well as a model of authentic international cooperation, with a significant development of highly competitive international competencies.

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