Andreino Simonelli INFN


Affiliation: INFN

Andreino Simonelli, PhD, was born in Pietrasanta, Lucca, on 23 January 1983.

2018: PhD (Magna cum Laude) Dr.rer.nat. – LMU Munich, Earth Science Department, Germany
2014: Laurea Magistrale con lode in Geofisica applicata e di esplorazione, Università di Pisa, Italia
2010: Laurea in Fisica, Università di Pisa

2018-present: Assegnista di ricerca, INFN sezione di Pisa

2016/2/1- 2018/6/30: Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter (Research fellow), LMU-Muenchen in the context of the ROMY-ERC project
2015/2/1 to 2016/1/31: Assegnista di Ricerca, Dept. of Physics— Pisa: twelve months research grant (Assegno di ricerca) at the Department of Physics ”E. Fermi” on the theme ”Giroscopi laser per la sismologia rotazionale”
2014/9 – 2015/1: Scholarship at the Dept. of Physics— Pisa : Six months scholarship at the Department of Physics” E. Fermi” on the theme ”Application of ring laser gyroscopes to seismological measurements”
2012-2013: Scholarship at the Dept. of Physics— Pisa : Annual scholarship on the theme ”Role of cavitation and shock waves in the production of nanoparticles of various materials. Terms of optimization. Propagation of shock waves in non-homogeneous materials. Applications to geophysics”
2011-2012: Scholarship at Dept. of Physics — PisaAnnual scholarship on ”Development of theoretical models of fluid dynamics in turbulent regimes and not, for applications in plasmas and flames”

SUPERVISED MSc and BSc thesis
BSc thesis in Physics, University of Pisa candidate Veronica Colonna, University of Pisa, 2017
MSc thesis in Applied Geophysics,University of Pisa candidate Paolo Manganello, 2018
MSc thesis in Applied Geophysics, University of Pisa candidate Federica Di Cori, 2019
MSc thesis in Applied Geophysics, University of Pisa candidate Matteo Desiderio, 2020

2018-present: INFN Member of the scientific advisory board of the REDI consortium

ROMY-ERC: Prof. Dr. Heiner Igel, LMU Munich, and Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schreiber TUM, Munich

Is an early career scientist who’s expertise is focused on optics and lasers applied to the development of leading edge instrumentation for the detection of subtle rotational motions.
He took part to the commissioning of five out of the six actually operative ring laser gyroscopes in the world.
The experience matured at the LMU Munich in the contest of the ROMY ERC grant permitted him to refine the seismological formation. Now his expertise ranges from the development of the instrument to data analysis preparation and coding for a better understanding of the new observables provided by the recently developing European network of Large Ring Laser Gyroscopes.
He represent the INFN in the scientific board of the multi disciplinary REDI consortium aimed at the natural risk reduction. This prospective allows to better disseminate and invest the acquired technical and scientific knowledge in order to achieve future benefits for the society in the frame of disaster risk reduction.

About REDI

REDI is a research consortium that includes INGV, INFN, GSSI and UNICAM. Its mission is to contribute to interdisciplinary research-actions, through innovation and training, to boost community disaster preparedness, response and recovery speed.