Vania Virgili INFN


Affiliation: INFN

Vania Virgili is senior scientific officer at INFN from May 2016.

She is Italian Representative in H2020-Social Challenge 6.

She holds a PhD in Chemical Sciences from La Sapienza – University of Rome.
From June 2014 to May 2018, she was Advisor to the Minister on European funds – Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, Italy.
From March 2011 to May 2016, she was Technologist at the National Research Council of Italy, Rome, with the following responsibilities:
– Support to the management of the research projects of Institutes coordinated by the Department of Cultural Heritage
– Promotion of research results of CNR Institutes at an international level
– Services to Technology Transfer activities with particular attention to the cultural heritage sector within the framework of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN),, a European project aimed at encouraging innovation and transnational technological co-operation between enterprises, research institutions and universities

About REDI

REDI is a research consortium that includes INGV, INFN, GSSI and UNICAM. Its mission is to contribute to interdisciplinary research-actions, through innovation and training, to boost community disaster preparedness, response and recovery speed.